Car Remote Secrets

It’s sad to believe the number of customers that come in here with a dead key fob reporting that they can’t open their door or start the car. Not to mention, the stressed out calls we get from people stating the fob isn’t working and they’re stuck at the supermarket, work, etc. A customer told me last week that he had to call a locksmith one evening because the batteries died in his fob and there was no cylinder to insert the emergency key. The poor Gentleman was taken advantage of and spent $150, when he had the trick right in his hand. So, now I’m going to learn you something.
First off, you do have a door cylinder. SURPRISE! They just decided to hide it, for whatever reason. If you look at your door handle, there is a plastic cover over where the cylinder should be. If you feel underneath, there will be a tiny little slot against the frame of your car. Put your emergency key or a small flat head screwdriver in the slot and the cover will pop off. Boom. Now you can insert the key and unlock your car? But now alas, your still stuck with the push button start that won’t work because the battery is still dead in your fob. WRONG. You just have to play detective with a quick browse through your owners manual (or Google). Most vehicles have a slot that you’ll put the fob in which are generally in the center console or the glove box. Once you insert the fob, push the button and the car will start up! Some cars you need to place the fob in the cup holder. Others, you actually have to hold the fob up to the button and start the car with the logo on the fob against the start/stop button. Best thing to do would be to take ten minutes and become familiar with your car. This way, if there ever is an emergency, you are a head of the game and can get into and start your vehicle.
There have been times customers have come in and the emergency key is blank! If you’re in this situation, we can decode that lock and cut your key for you. Just call and set up an appointment!
We carry most batteries for key fobs in stock and it is recommended that these get changed every year to two years. So next time you’re around stop by real quick and we will get you clicking again!!