We Sell & Install Safes

McCausland Lock Service carries a large selection of both new and used high quality safes. Visit our showroom to view our extensive selection of safes. We also provide safe installation and professional maintenance of safes of all types. Many people and businesses require safes for safekeeping of documents, valuables an other irreplaceable personal possessions. We will help you with the selection of a safe best suited to your individual needs.

Choosing the Right Safe

McCausland Lock Service offers safes of all types for home, or business. We will evaluate your needs and recommend a safe that keeps in mind your future needs so that your safe will be a valuable asset to you for many years to come. Some of the features to keep in mind are fire proofing, pry resistance, impact resistance, and water proofing. All of these features will help your safe last and protect your valuables for many years.

Maintenance and Service

McCausland Lock Service is one of the most trusted names in safes in the Delaware Valley. From your initial purchase to follow up maintenance and service, we have you covered. Whether you need your safe opened, need the combinations changed or are interested in an electronic conversion, give us a call. We’re here to help with your safe and all your security needs.