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Car Remote Secrets

It’s sad to believe the number of customers that come in here with a dead key fob reporting that they can’t open their door or start the car. Not to mention, the stressed out calls we get from people stating the fob isn’t working and they’re stuck at the supermarket, work, etc. A customer told me last week that he had to call a locksmith one evening because the batteries died in his fob and there was no cylinder to insert the emergency key. The poor Gentleman was taken advantage of and spent $150, when he had the trick right in his hand. So, now I’m going to learn you something.
First off, you do have a door cylinder. SURPRISE! They just decided to hide it, for whatever reason. If you look at your door handle, there is a plastic cover over where the cylinder should be. If you feel underneath, there will be a tiny little slot against the frame of your car. Put your emergency key or a small flat head screwdriver in the slot and the cover will pop off. Boom. Now you can insert the key and unlock your car? But now alas, your still stuck with the push button start that won’t work because the battery is still dead in your fob. WRONG. You just have to play detective with a quick browse through your owners manual (or Google). Most vehicles have a slot that you’ll put the fob in which are generally in the center console or the glove box. Once you insert the fob, push the button and the car will start up! Some cars you need to place the fob in the cup holder. Others, you actually have to hold the fob up to the button and start the car with the logo on the fob against the start/stop button. Best thing to do would be to take ten minutes and become familiar with your car. This way, if there ever is an emergency, you are a head of the game and can get into and start your vehicle.
There have been times customers have come in and the emergency key is blank! If you’re in this situation, we can decode that lock and cut your key for you. Just call and set up an appointment!
We carry most batteries for key fobs in stock and it is recommended that these get changed every year to two years. So next time you’re around stop by real quick and we will get you clicking again!!

7 Services Offered by McCausland Lock Service

McCausland Lock Service is a leader in providing full-service locksmithing within Delaware and Pennsylvania. Here’s an overview of seven of our offerings that made us the #1
locksmith in Wilmington, DE, and the neighboring towns:


  • Residential Locksmithing – McCausland handles a vast selection of services for homes ranging from apartments and condos to houses and farms. If you need a new lock installed, you can count on us! We specialize in any style. Deadbolts, electronic keyless entry, door lever sets, lock cylinders, and door knobs are among the jobs we handle quickly and routinely.
  • Commercial Locksmithing – Homes are not the only locks we install and service. We are known as one of the best Delaware County commercial locksmiths in Pennsylvania. The same goes for New Castle County in Delaware, where we service numerous Newark clients every year. In addition to keyless entry installation, we also install Surveillance and CCTV systems to increase your company’s security.
  • Automotive Locksmithing – We are experts on chip-keys, transponder keys, original factory remotes, and car key replacements. There is no charge for programming, and our automotive keys are up to 50% lower than dealer prices. Additionally, all service is done while you wait!
  • Emergency Service – To prevent locking yourself out of your home or business, come see McCausland Lock Service to get keys duplicated just in case you lose one! Our fast services allow you to return to your daily activities quicker than our competitors. We’ll also come to you in emergencies with fully stocked vans to replace keys and clickers while you wait
  • Key Cutting – From Wilmington key cutting in Delaware to key duplication in Springfield, PA, and Media, PA, we are the most trusted organization in the area. Just call McCausland Lock Service, and our locksmith will examine your lock and make a replacement key while you wait.
  • Lock Installation – We are more than just key cutters and duplicators. Our skilled technicians are experienced locksmiths who can install new locks ranging from traditional door knobs to electronic keyless entry systems.
  • Safe Sales & Installation – Keep your documents and valuables secured in a safe installed by McCausland. We have a variety of safes for sale that will deter intruders from stealing your identity or taking your items.

In conclusion, we do it all. We re-cut keys, fix locks, or replace parts altogether. From Delaware to Pennsylvania we are your go to locksmiths for quick and affordable solutions. For more info visit or call 610-314-7011 in PA and 302-597-6673 in DE.

4 Smiths You Should Know About

There are approximately 2,376,200 Smith’s in the United States today. (For once, we are not talking about locksmiths). You may already know about the high-quality locksmithing that McCausland Lock & Service provides, so now let’s take a look into some other notable Smiths…

It is by far the most common surname in America. Chances are you’ve only heard of a few of them. Let’s start this blog by outlining four Smiths that pop-culture fans should know about:

    1. Will Smith – In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where he spent most of his days. (If you didn’t know, that is an excerpt from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.)  We are not based in Philadelphia, but we do help nearby Delaware residents feel safe by installing a safe!

      Local celebrities like Will (and the McCausland team) are few and far between. Will helped put Philly on the map by parlaying his music and TV stardom into big-screen superstardom.  Some of his notable movies include I Am Legend, Independence Day, Men In Black, and Hitch.

    2. Anna Nicole Smith – The late great actress/model had many claims to fame. She appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. She also graced the covers of numerous magazines. Although we cannot guarantee to save lives, we can help increase your business’ security with our Access Control devices and CCTVs.  McCausland Lock & Alarm is ready to handle any locksmith emergency near Wilmington, DE.

    3. Emmitt Smith – Arguably the best NFL Running Back of all-time. Emmitt is a Hall of Famer who has 8 Pro Bowl appearances on his football resume.  While in Dallas, he was a part of “America’s Team” (which Eagles fans may disagree with), where he won three Super Bowls.

      He holds the record for most all-time rushing yards with 18,355 yards, which is over 1,500 more than Walter Payton. His record is almost as hard to break as one of McCausland’s secure locks.


  • Sam Smith – This current singer has won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and  multiple Grammies since 2015. His hit single “Stay With Me” has over 4.1 million views on YouTube. If you associate with award-worthy services, the team at McCausland Lock & Alarm is the Wilmington locksmith for you!

When it comes to picking the right (lock)Smith, a lot of thought has to go into it. You need somebody with experience. Somebody you can trust for high-quality security at a low price. From residential and commercial locksmithing to keyless entry and clickers for your automobile, we are here to help. With so many (lock)Smiths in town, you should feel safe knowing you picked the right one (us!)

For more info on McCausland, visit or call 302-597-6673 today.

The Top 6 Heist Movies Of The Recent Past

Did you know that in 2014 there were over eight million cases of property theft, calculated at approximately $14 billion dollars in the United States? Yes, billion. With a “B”. That doesn’t even include the robberies that were never reported to the FBI.

These aren’t always elaborate robberies. Life isn’t like the movies. In real life, criminals tend to act on desperation. No well thought out plans. No blueprints. No safe-cracking specialist who joins forces with an explosives expert and, a retired European spy.

Real life crime is scary. Let’s take a break from that for now. Don’t worry; I will circle back to it later when I explain some things that can help you prevent yourself from becoming a statistic this year.

In the meantime, check out my top 6 list of relatively recent Heist Movies:

  • #6 – Inside Man – Bank robbery turns into a hostage situation. This action/thriller, starring Denzel Washington and Clive Owen, takes viewers on an emotional roller-coaster. The McCausland Lock Service locksmith team also specializes in secure safe installation.

  • #5 – Snatch – Brad Pitt. Jason Statham. Benecio Del Toro. Guy Ritchie.  A quest for a priceless diamond. Enough said.

  • #4 – Heat – Robert De Niro and his team of professional bank robbers try out outwit and outlast Al Pacino and the police force. Classic. Just classic.

  • #3 – Reservoir Dogs – A Quentin Tarantino masterpiece. After a jewelry heist goes awry, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant. To protect your rings and things, installing multiple types of lock will decrease your chances of getting robbed.

  • #2 – Ocean’s Eleven – An all-star cast of bank robbers (lead by George Clooney) join forces to rob three Las Vegas banks at once. Based on a true story.

  • #1 – The Usual Suspects – After meeting at a police lineup, five insane convicts plot a massive heist. The film’s twistery (mystery with a twist) will undoubtedly keep you on the edge of your seat for a majority of the film. What are you waiting for? Go watch it!

Unfortunately for Tri-State locals, Wilmington, DE, Camden, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA, robberies and home invasions are a reality. These areas are usually amongst the highest crime rates in the United States. This is the why securing your home, property, and most importantly yourself, has become a primary focus for the Delaware Valley and its surrounding areas.

McCausland Lock & Alarm can help Philadelphians by installing secure locks for their homes as well as protecting their cars with remote keys in Wilmington, DE, and its neighboring communities. They also are a highly regarded commercial locksmith in Newark, DE, and the nearby counties.
To get a custom, no obligation quote, please visit or call 610-315-7011 today!

Keeping Important Items Safe

In recent years, the security measures employed by both commercial businesses and government agencies have come under increased scrutiny due to their failure to keep important information secure. These days, it’s a challenge to keep important documents and other items from falling into the wrong hands. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a few ways to keep those documents or items safe.
• Surveillance- A watchful eye deters theft. Situational awareness is the first and most important means of stopping a document from walking out the door. A closed-circuit television surveillance system (CCTV) is the best way to make sure there are eyes on important areas even when people can’t physically be there. Importantly, in the event that a theft occurs, a properly placed system of cameras can ensure that the culprit is identified, and the loss can be recovered quickly. In the past decade or so, prices on CCTV systems have come down drastically, they are so affordable that, despite being developed for commercial use, many homeowners have chosen to implement them as well.
• A Safe- Safes are an age-old means of keeping their contents, well, safe. There are certainly different factors to consider when purchasing. Do you need it to be waterproof? Fireproof? Bolted down? Hidden? Safes come in all sizes and variations, so whether storing a few papers or an entire jewelry cabinet, your needs can be accommodated. A safe can have various means of entry as well; they can use keys, combinations, pin codes or fingerprints to be opened. Safes are difficult to crack, but unfortunately, few are impenetrable. They are, however, an important part of a plan to keep items secure.
• Limited Access- By limiting who goes where you can help eliminate the possibility of a person slipping away with something kept to limited access. If, for example, you only allow those you trust to access a given room or area that houses confidential documents, those documents are much less likely to disappear, if they do, you start with a short list of who may have taken them.

We’re more than emergency locksmiths in and around Wilmington, DE, we’re also more than capable of outfitting a home or business with these secure solutions as well as many others.

5 Things a Locksmith Can Handle

We’ve seen it all in our century of serving the Delaware Valley. Wilmington businesses in need of a commercial locksmith have called us; residents of Media have called us; and we’ve seen everything from a busted safe to a faulty ignition. We thought we’d take a moment to share some common reasons people have called us over the years.

  1. Master keys are veritable keys to kingdoms, whether the monarch reigns over an office building or an apartment complex. Think of several locks in a building as a collection of puzzles. Now think of a master key as a unique piece that fits all of those puzzles. Master keys are useful because they provide backup for tenants as well as emergency access for building managers and superintendents.
  2.  Car ignitions malfunction from time to time, leaving drivers stranded. When this happens, the individuals who call a locksmith have the luxury of knowing they’ll be up and running on the spot, sparing them the time and hassle of dealing with a tow company. Also, calling a locksmith can actually be cheaper than calling a garage.
  3. Safes are necessary, especially for those who need privacy and/or protection. Safes keep undesirables from accessing personal items; however, they sometimes keep their owners out as well. Safe owners sometimes break their safes by spinning the dial too quickly. When that happens, their best bet is to call a professional locksmith to avoid further damage and regain access to their property.
  4. Anyone who gets locked out of a place, be it a car or building, would be wise to call a locksmith. It might seem like a good idea to try to maneuver your way through a security flaw like a cracked window, but it’s not worth it. Those who have called us in cases like this have saved themselves a lot of undue stress, because getting people into where the need to be is an area or expertise as much as keeping people out is.
  5. Anyone who gets locked in a place should also call a locksmith. If you’re ever working late and you try to leave the office, but find you’ve been locked in, the first thing you should do is calmly assess the situation and think about whether anyone is around within earshot to help you. If not, call a locksmith and don’t try to get out yourself!

Does any of this sound like you right now? If so, give us a call! If not, remember we’re available for residential and commercial locksmith services in Media, PA and its surrounding areas 24/7 should you find yourself in a situation similar to one of the aforementioned.

What Can You Do to Ensure Your Home is Not Broken into Again

Having your home broken into is unnerving. There is a reason they say, “Home is where the heart is” – home is, quite literally, a piece of your heart. It is the most sacred space available to an individual, not to mention the safest place. When an intruder breaches your home, it can feel as though a part of that safety is gone.

Well, we have been a locksmith in Media, PA for over a century, and we are here to tell you that just isn’t the truth. Even though your house was broken into, it does not mean its safety has been permanently compromised, and it certainly does not mean it will happen again. With our help, we will guide you through what you can do to maintain the safety of your home. Below, we have compiled a brief list of safety tips for your convenience.

Always, Always Deadbolt

More often than not, break-ins happen because of the resident’s failure to deadbolt their door. It may sound simple, but when you are in a rush to get to work, the deadbolt will be the last thing on your mind because it doesn’t seem necessary. The deadbolt is a crucial part of security defense. Its durable material can make things difficult for potential intruders. Deadbolts are a wonderful line of defense to have, as simple as they may seem. So, when you are leaving for the day, take the quick second to make sure all locks and deadbolts are in place.

Invest in High-Security Locks

Your next point of defense is your lock systems. If you haven’t evaluated your locks since you moved in, we recommend doing so immediately. There is a good chance that they may be old and have developed wear. In that case, intruders will have an easier time breaking through the lock. After you have checked the status of your locks, it would be wise to look into high security locks. Electronic keyless locks, padlocks, or lock cylinders are a good place to start. Improving the integrity of your locks can double the security of your home.

Lock the Garage

If you have a garage, always make sure it is locked whenever you leave your home or go to sleep for the night. Most thefts happen via garage entry, so it is a good idea to keep your garage door secure. Investing in high-security locks for the garage in addition to the general locks throughout your house is also a smart move.

Sliding Doors and Windows

Your final line of defense is sliding doors and windows. These, similar to the deadbolt, can be easily forgotten, which will put your home security at risk. Your main focus will always be on your front, back, and garage door, so it is possible to forget to lock the sliding doors and windows, or qualify them as less important. Classifying them as such is a big mistake. The sliding doors and windows are just as important as any lock and door to your home. Keep them secure to ensure your house is completely safe.

To learn more about lock services in Media, PA visit our website.

How to Stop Getting Locked Out

We’ve all been there. Work is twenty minutes away. You need to be there in ten, but you overslept a little bit. You get to your car and you’re about to pull out of your spot, but you left your cell phone in the house. So you run inside to get it, but when you get back to the car you gasp as you realize the doors are all locked.

Here’s another scenario: It’s raining. You had a long day at work and you’re hungry. You get home, hop out of your car and run to your front door, but it’s locked. Frantically, you turn through every key on your keyring, searching for the one that will end the torture – to no avail.

A person’s process for going in and out of cars and homes transcends routine. These are second nature; we don’t think as we move through these motions. So when we’re running late, or when we’re anxious to leave a place, it’s easy to forget something or miss a step.

Here at McCausland Lock Service, we know how frustrating it can be to get locked out of some place you need immediate access to. So, we made this list of easy preventative measures you can take to make sure you don’t find yourself on the outside looking in.

  1. Keep a spare in your wallet or purse. Sounds obvious, right? But if you lock your keys in the car and the spare is in the house, but your house is locked, and the key to the house is on the keyring that’s locked in the car, you’ll be in quite a pickle.
  2. Use an oversized keychain or a lanyard. This is especially helpful if you’re prone to locking your keys in the car. Chances are that something like a lanyard or a distinctive, oversized keychain will make it impossible to lock your keys in the car ever again because it will be touching you.
  3. Mark the door handle or knob. In your car, put a piece of tape around the door handle, that way every time you touch it, you’ll remember to not forget your keys. In your house, leave a little note on the front door for the same effect.
  4. Lock your doors from the outside. This might be a tough habit to start, but practice makes perfect.
  5. Think about what you’re doing. That’s right, go against your nature and put your mind on the task at hand as you leave a place. Make it a point to say to yourself, “Don’t forget the keys. Lock the door from the outside.”

If all else fails, you can always call us here at McCausland Lock Service. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to get you into your house or car, should you find yourself locked out.